Mansion on the Hill Music Studios offers private lessons for  many instruments including Piano, Guitar, Bass, Violin,  Fiddle, Mandolin, Ukulele, Drums, Trumpet, Banjo, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute 

Private  lessons are with an instructor, one-on-one.
Students  are given customized lesson plans to help achieve their goals. We  encourage our students to perform as much as possible and our studios  will provide regular opportunities for students to show what they have  learned in a relaxed setting.
Lessons are offered for ages from around 5 to Seniors, from beginner to advanced, so if you've ever considered  learning to play an instrument, here's your opportunity to do so, right  here in your own community. 



Beginner Class

This beginner level class is perfect for first-time musicians. Students will learn the basics of instrument and musical theory.


Intermediate Class

The intermediate class builds off of the skills acquired in the beginner class. Students will continue working with their instrument and reading music.


Advanced Class

The advanced class is for students who have been playing consistently for over 5 years. Instructors provide guidance where needed, but students can direct the class where they need it.